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It’s like having your own IT manager

Posted by Keith Lopez on Mar 12, 2018 10:03:55 AM

Today’s IT is a vast and daunting landscape. Even the most talented and passionate IT administrators have a difficult time keeping up with all of the changes and advances we see from day-to-day, which is why having a telecommunications specialist in your corner could be your smartest business decision yet!

Working with a telecom management company, such as ITS, not only reduces your costs but can mitigate all of the stress that comes with making sense of today’s IT. After all, you have a business to run. How many hats can one possibly wear?


Telecom has changed and so has your business!

In the past, your business telecom was fairly compartmentalized. You chose your provider based on the best deal you could find. You paid for your services at the end of the month and you probably didn’t think twice about it; it was part of the cost of doing business.

In recent years, telecom has evolved considerably. In tandem with the quantum leaps in technology across the board, telecom has made the shift to digital delivery, significantly reducing costs while super-charging your business and productivity potential. With the introduction of business VoIP and unified communications (UC), the possibilities were endless, as was the potential for great savings and for making significant business gains.

As the inevitability of the need for digital transformation loomed, you made the leap and immediately started reaping the benefits. But how closely have you looked at your telecom costs since that time?

Keep in mind that the technology is still in a fairly nascent stage. As advances continue to present themselves, there may well be areas in which you could reduce costs even further, make your business processes even more efficient, and drive even more value back to the bottom line.

Partnering with a telecom management service provider, such as ITS, is like having your own IT manager. Some of the ways that you can benefit from working with ITS include:

Reducing telecom service costs

Our connections with carriers are unparalleled, and our strong relationships make it possible for us to obtain better rates for your telecom services.

Contract management

You may be paying for features and services you aren’t even using or even paying too much for the features you do use. We will analyze your current contracts, identify discrepancies and overcharges, and obtain credits or refunds for you, if applicable.

Inventory management

Managing your mobile fleet is key to remaining lean and agile. We provide you with the tools to manage your inventory from a centralized dashboard that will enable you to see all data relating to each and every device on your network. This ensures you are not paying for accounts you are not using and making the most of the ones you are.

Low-latency network design

ITS is a telecom specialist in low-latency network design. We will custom design the ideal low-latency network for your needs; enabling a high-performance environment while reducing costs and optimizing your business capabilities.

It’s like having your own IT manager!

If you would like to learn more about how ITS can reduce your telecom spend and support your business growth, call to schedule your audit today.



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