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How ITS Can Help You Switch to SD-WAN and Maximize Efficiency

Posted by Keith Lopez on Jul 6, 2018 3:28:00 PM

As many of us in the field know, wide area networks — or WANs — allow businesses to extend computer networks over vast distances, connecting remote branches of a company to joined networks (and each other). As more applications are used in an increasingly fast-paced technological terrain, bandwidth is spread thin, WANs reach becomes weak, and efficiency is curtailed. SD-WANs can strengthen your company’s digital reach, and Interactive Telecom Solutions can help you switch to this system and maximize efficiency along the way.

SD-WANs, or software-defined networking in a wide area network, are becoming more and more ubiquitous as they debug some of the obstacles that minimize network reach and slow down your progress. Many businesses wisely utilize videoconferencing, VoIP calling, and other applications that are necessary tools but — when accumulated together — can cause jitters, or even outages, when a WAN is not strong enough to support simultaneous networks.

Not convinced that switching to SD-WAN is the right choice? Let’s set up a call. We’ll figure out how your business’ WAN is performing, what issues we can predict, and why switching to a SD-WAN might be the healthiest, most beneficial, and more economically efficient choice.

Investments like these can be big decisions to make, but consider the long-term benefits of maximizing your network’s potential and resting easy knowing your intercommunication services are not overworking or burning out. SD-WANs are famed for their resilience (reducing network downtime), quality of service (giving bandwidth priority to the most critical applications), and security (using IPsec, a staple of WAN protection).

But what’s a practical example of the pluses an SD-WAN can provide? Let’s say your company decides to do a pop-up sale — a surprise, day-long discount to reward frequent customers and stir excitement in your field. Or, your media company posts a breakthrough article that is catching fire online. Suddenly, your site is driving an immense level of traffic. Sales or clicks are exploding, word of mouth is fizzing — and then disaster strikes. Your network shuts down from an unexpected surge in traffic. What was supposed to be a heroic day is marred by chaos and havoc.

When your business reaches across various networks, offices, and branches, and then the public’s digital interaction floods in, your network might have a weaker threshold than expected, or it might not have the knowledge to redistribute bandwidth. Utilizing SD-WAN takes care of that for you.

NetworkWorld proclaims “one of the chief characteristics of an SD-WAN is its ability to manage multiple types of connections — from MPLS to broadband to LTE.” SeachSDN similarly spells out the advantages: “SD-WAN uses software- and cloud-based technologies to simplify the delivery of WAN services to the branch office. SD-WAN adoption lets IT and business managers deploy internet-based connectivity easily, quickly, reliably and securely. Resulting advantages include ubiquity, increased bandwidth, reduced costs and improved application performance.”

Still unsure if SD-WAN is for you? Or nervous to switch to a new program? ITS can take it from here. You give us your company profile, we’ll offer our guidance and expert knowledge. ITS is in touch with the latest trends, and given our prolific career that spans three decades, we want to make sure your company stays ahead of the digital curve and maximizes security and efficiency.

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