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Can your telecom support your business growth?

Posted by Keith Lopez on Feb 7, 2018 9:47:39 PM

In today’s growth-oriented business environment, reducing costs and improving efficiency are key drivers of a company’s profitability. If your telecom is not supporting these goals, you may be missing out on an opportunity to achieve your goals of expanded reach and scale.

For small to mid-sized businesses, it is more important than ever to look at how your telecom and its related budget is supporting your goals. Some of the ways you might look at improving these metrics include:

Network Modernization

Network Optimization

Telecom Contract Renewal & Renegotiation

Communication Optimization

Inventory Control

Network Modernization

Modernizing your telecom network allows you to take advantage of the advanced telecom solutions available to you now. If you are still using a legacy PBX system, you are missing out on many exciting options that cannot only contribute to your team’s productivity and optimize your workflows, but that can also result in a considerable reduction of your telecom costs.

Network Optimization

Network optimization provides many benefits: you can reduce or even eliminate your system downtime, integrate exciting new communication apps and channels, and support an integrated approach to communications across your entire workforce. Additionally, network optimization helps to secure your communications and reduce the risk of malicious intent. Robust security features protect all of your company’s messaging and communications no matter what the source: voice, video, email, or instant messaging.

Contract Renegotiation

Many businesses don’t realize when their telecom contracts are up for renewal. If no changes are made, your agreement will continue, even though you may be paying for services you no longer use, or possibly worse — paying too much for the services you do use.

To discover how well-suited your telecom contract is to your current business needs, regular audits are advised. This will help you determine what new services you could be taking advantage of, what services or features can be removed or updated, and most importantly, benchmark what you are paying against regional and national standards.

Communication Optimization

Workplace engagement and collaboration are what drives innovation in today’s competitive business climate. Modern telecom supports these dynamics by connecting your team to the people and information they need to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

Modern telecom solutions enable your field team, your remote team, and your in-house team with exciting communications solutions that integrate with your existing systems and allow all stakeholders to work their way. They help to eliminate data silos and support timely business decisions, providing a real-time platform from which you can stay on top of your operations as they unfold.

Inventory Control

Management of your telecommunications inventory can be a daunting task. Software and firmware updates can be difficult and complex to maintain, especially as your company grows. With modern telecom solutions, your inventory can be managed from a central dashboard. This not only allows you to keep track of your assets, but it simplifies updates as well, allowing you to push out updates globally and identify units that are not performing as they should.

How ITS can help

These initiatives are just some examples of how your telecom can support your business growth. At Interactive Telecom Solutions, our goal is to help you reduce the stress and expense related to your telecom spending while supporting your business growth. Reduce your costs, reallocate funds into higher-value tasks, and improve your team’s productivity and efficiency as while boosting the quality of your communications — it’s a win-win.

Our audit is 100% risk-free so you have absolutely nothing to lose. To learn more or to schedule an audit, call ITS today.

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