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Can Your Network Grow With Your Business?

Posted by Keith Lopez on Feb 16, 2018 4:07:21 PM

Your telecom strategy should support your company’s trajectory, but will it be able to keep pace and scale at the velocity you need it to?

Communications are a core function of any business. Voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, your CRM – all of these play an important role in how your workforce operates, collaborates, and stays productive.

The quality of these communications, the ease of accomplishing these tasks, how well your technology integrates with the rest of your workflow, and how to manage it all as painlessly as possible – these are the areas that should be of most concern when scale is on the horizon.

Scale Done Right with Unified Communications

If you have not yet completed your digital transformation, scale can be particularly daunting. However, new telecom technology available today gives you plenty of options. No matter where you are in the process of modernization, you should consider unified communications (UC).

UC is a blanket term that refers to the integration of voice, video and web conferencing, messaging, mobility, desktop sharing, and call control. It replaces your legacy PBX with a digital VoIP iteration that brings many benefits:

• Higher-quality voice calling

• IP calling significantly reduces long-distance access

• Add or remove phone features instantly

• Reduce or eliminate maintenance and service calls

• Control and update your entire inventory from a single dashboard

• Monitor call quality and other call metrics

• Keep tabs on employee productivity

• Maintain robust communications network security

• Cloud-based systems enable remote access

• Establish as many phone numbers and extensions as you need with no additional cost

• Integration with your CRM

• Scale to any level with a few clicks

These are just some of the features that UC delivers, but of particular note to many businesses, UC is Microsoft compatible. If your company operates on Microsoft Office 365 or Azure, UC is tailor-made for you. Since the connected applications are the same as what your team already knows and loves, easy adoption is supported. Once installed, you will be able to hit the ground running and never look back.

Some of the most popular business features of UC include:

Integration with CRM: your team will enjoy seamless communication from the desktop to mobile device, whether it’s voice or video. Make calls from within the system, access great features like Skype for Business (S4B), and eliminate data silos.

Messaging and conferencing on the go: if your sales team is always on the go, or if you have a remote team in the field that you need to stay in contact with, UC brings the power of your network and all its features and functionality to them, no matter where they are. Need to have a quick meeting but your CEO is at the airport? No problem. A vendor needs to reach their rep? a single number finds them, wherever they are.

Expand into new markets with local phone exchanges: one of the most popular functions of VoIP telephony is the ability to establish as many local phone numbers as you like. Repeat this action in multiple locations without missing a beat – it’s all controlled from your dashboard and there is no need for a service call.

Is your business ready to grow?

If scale is looming large in your immediate future, you need to make sure your network is going to serve you well – not just in the short-term, but in the years ahead. A telecom audit will help you determine what solutions should be considered with the goal of reducing your costs, adding value to the things you already do, and providing a platform from which to grow.

Schedule an audit today and find out what is possible.

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