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As Mergers and Acquisitions Become More Common, ITS Can Help Smooth These Transitions

Posted by Keith Lopez on May 22, 2018 9:26:29 PM

As Mergers and Acquisitions Become More Common, ITS Can Help Smooth These Transitions 

In today’s data-hungry and data-driven culture, technology can change as quickly as the weather. Throughout this ongoing evolution, Interactive Telecom Solutions (ITS) has been a dependable constant, a source for reliable communications management. Today, one of the buzziest conversations in the industry is the number of carriers that are merging or being acquired. As with every any new venture in the telecommunications field, ITS is excited to explore this trend, why it effects your company and how we can best serve you.

Any company that wants to expand its network or build upon its current assets will, at some point or another, undergo a merge or acquisition — especially as your business becomes more cosmopolitan in nature. Such changes are a question of when, not if. They’re an expected phase in any business’ ecosystem, and one that transcends fields. In the healthcare industry, for example, it was reported that 71% of organizations predict the number of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships (MAP) to increase within the next three years; only two percent foresee these numbers decreasing. In this recent Health Leaders Media survey, such compelling results “indicate that MAP activity levels will remain strong for some time.” 


Computer Weekly further articulates this hypothesis in its May 9 article: “Companies being bought and sold is a normal part of business life, but merging two separate corporate entities can be a big, complex and risky technical challenge that needs to be handled with care.” The article wisely adds: “With any purchase comes risk, and acquiring a company is no different. Preparation is key, and rushing in will cost more than just money.” Stay ahead of the curve and anticipate this next step for your company to avoid future calamity — and expenses.


These transitions can bring about anxiety and confusion. This is where ITS comes in: We take pride in being the go-to team for all your telecomm needs in fast-changing industries where carriers are frequently merging or being acquired. Throughout any process, ITS would collaborate with and for you to ensure your communication management needs are a top priority, securing your data and creating as smooth a transition as possible — for today’s worries and all future intercommunication needs. 


With our 30+ years of experience assisting domestic and international companies, we at ITS specialize in navigating the layered and nuanced communications landscape. Consider us your in-house IT and telecom department; we develop intimate and long-lasting relationships to make your jobs easier, maximizing efficiency and minimizing confusion. Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a call and dive into this timely topic together.

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